Impact strategy

Looping replaces single-use plastic solutions with reusable transport packaging and delivers reuse as a service.

Vision & mission

Looping’s vision is to eliminate waste from packaging by optimizing reuse solutions.

Looping’s mission is to help customers transition from linear to circular packaging that contributes to eliminate waste and prove that business can thrive without impacting the environment negatively.
A circular business model is about keeping resources in the loop and avoiding any materials becoming waste. Looping is a company that takes responsibility for the product’s lifetime by keeping ownership and tracking, repairing, upcycling and at large making sure that the products are used as many times as possible.

By providing Modulcover™ as a service, Looping takes responsibility for maintenance, repairs, logistics, and technology, allowing customers to have an optimal reusable packaging experience. As a result, Looping eliminates the need for single-use packaging while also making customers more resource-efficient.

Looping offers access to packaging on a pay-per-use basis, making it possible to meet the price point of the previous method of packaging modules with single-use plastic. By retaining ownership of the covers, Looping is motivated to design and produce the highest quality products possible, providing service and maintenance between uses to ensure maximum cover lifespan.

Looping controls the entire vertical value chain, ensuring quality service for clients. In day-to-day operations, Looping manages over 5,000 Modulcovers™ in circulation.

Today the world produces 400 million tons of plastic every year. Close to 40% of this plastic is from packaging, approximately 85 % of which ends up in landfills or as unregulated waste (UNEP).

Circular philosophy

A key principle in circular economy is to follow the priority method Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We believe that the model should include the item Upcycle, and thus look as follows: Reduce, Reuse, Upcycle, Recycle. We have implemented this model as follows:
Reduce: We reduce waste for our customers by replacing disposable packaging with reusable packaging.
Reuse: We work actively to optimize design, material selection and maintenance to maximize the reuse of our packaging.
Upcycle: When the packaging is no longer possible to maintain or reuse, we aim to maximize the utilization of the materials by incorporating the material into new production when we produce new products.
Recycle: Only materials that are reused to the point where they can no longer be used for the same purpose they are sent to be recycled.

Looping works towards the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development:

Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
Sustainable cities & communities
Responsible consumption & production

¨ A green shift is not just about switching energy systems from fossil to renewable. It is about utilizing areas and materials more efficiently, in the face of population growth and increased demand ¨

– Ida Pernille Hatlebrekke