How we make it

Looping is on a mission to help customers transition from linear to circular packaging that contributes to eliminate waste.

Looping LAB

Looping LAB is our in-house innovation team consisting of design, business development and project management. From the very beginning of taking a previous single-use plastic solution and making it into the Modulcover™ delivered today, Looping has been innovating in order to create the best reuse solutions.

The innovation has happened across the board, by continuously working on product design with the in-house design team, material composition, service and technology. Technology has played an important role in order to enable reuse of the Looping products.

Great solutions for reusable packaging on an industry scale did not exist when Looping was established, but through continuous innovation, it now does.


Looping Production has over the past 5 years specialized in producing Modulcover™, and recently moved into new production facilities to meet the Scandinavian market. The production line is flexible and can accommodate various sizes and shapes of Modulcover™, including customized requests.

Looping is committed to continually improving practices by using durable materials, minimizing waste, and reducing energy consumption. The Modulcover™ is made from high-quality, recyclable materials, and are designed to be produced as efficiently as possible with repair and upcycling in mind.