What is a Modulcover™?

Modulcover™ is reusable transport packaging that covers openings on modules during transport and storage, and replaces the old, single-use plastic solution.

Modules and modular buildings are used globally as temporary spaces. The modules have openings that allow for extended rooms and door openings, which need to be covered during transport and storage. This has previously been done with single-use plastic, nails and wood, which has both been a time consuming process and has been the cause of large amounts of waste.

How we make it

All our products are carefully designed and developed in Looping LAB at Skøyen, Oslo and produced at our sister company Looping Production right outside of Vilnius, Lithuania.  

Looping Production is committed to continually improving practices by using durable materials, minimizing waste, and reducing energy consumption. The Modulcover™ is made from high-quality, recyclable materials, and is designed to be produced as efficiently as possible with repair and upcycling in mind.


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