Looping is on a mission to help customers transition from linear to circular packaging that contributes to eliminate waste.

To ensure a reuse journey for our products, we provide technology supported tracking and maintenance. This way we can maximize the lifetime and utilization of Modulcover™ and provide high quality delivery for every use.


Looping has a self developed innovative reuse technology that maximizes the utilization of Modulcover™. The digital twin technology tracks the journey of all Modulcovers™ produced, enabling to monitor their movements, simplifying warehouse operations, and allowing continual improvement of the product based on user behavior and damage statistics.

Looping’s IT backbone, PAAS, gives complete control over product flow and logistics, tracking the Modulcovers™, from production to repair, and continuously improving both the product and business model.

All damages are registered in PAAS, and the damage statistics are sent to Looping LAB so they can do continuous improvements to the products.  


At Looping's Service HUB, maintenance, repair, and product tracking are critical elements that optimize Looping’s reuse model. The Service HUB ensures that reuse happens in practice by managing warehousing, distribution of orders, returns, and the maintenance of all the Modulcovers™.