Bærum municipality challenges the market

In September 2020, Bærum municipality challenged the market to find new solutions to reduce waste from packaging in the construction industry in a planning and design competition.

To the top

Looping was selected as one of 5 suppliers that qualified to find new solutions to reduce waste from packaging. The criteria in the competition were degree of innovation, cost efficiency, flexibility, feasibility, area of ​​use and expected environmental effects. Out of a total of five incredibly qualified participants, Looping won the competition. Looping received 300 000 NOK to further develop the proposed solution for a prototype.

This is obviously really exciting! We have faced tough competition with other skilled design and development experts and companies, so this victory is a confirmation that we have managed to think creatively and holistically about both design and business model, says Herman Persen Fostvedt, project manager for Looping’s solution.

Load carrier made of recycled plastic

The solution proposal for Looping consists of a load carrier made of recycled plastic for use in plaster and building boards, which will also facilitate more use of reusable packaging during transport.

Building boards and plaster are mostly packaged by tying load carriers and inserts of wood with stretch film. In addition, material loss often occurs as a result of poor packaging. Here we have seen an opportunity to get two for one; both cut out the spacers that are disposed of after one use, and at the same time reduce the amount of stretch film used considerably, says Fostvedt.

Collaboration across the value chain

Norsk Gjenvinning and Norgips function as collaboration partners and Looping, NG and Norgips will together further develop the concept into a full-fledged commercial product.

Norgips has in many ways been the initiator, and will be the one who ultimately gets the environmental savings the product can offer. Norsk Gjenvinning will be an important partner in putting the product into a system, says Fostvedt.

Looping has invested in an in house design expert by hiring Chief Design Officer Jørgen Fredriksen. The project has shown that Looping is ready to transfer the lessons learned from module cover to other products, but it also highlights the importance of investing in design competence and development in house.

Collaboration across the value chain
importance of investing in design competence and development in house