Norway, the plastic nation, its time to act

The elephant in the room is running free – the consumption. Norwegian plastic consumption has tripled since 1958, and in the last 20 years alone, plastic consumption has increased by 50%. Put in perspective: According to Folkeopplysningen, we now use 100,000 tons of plastic a year, where as much as 80,000 tons end up being burned. Had we burned all the plastic we consumed in the year 2000, this would have been equivalent to 66,000 tons. In other words: If we had managed to keep plastic consumption at the level we had in 2000, we could have burned 14,000 tons less plastic – completely without waste sorting.

Modulcover™ is made of durable, waterproof, UV-treated and 100% recyclable material with smart fastening mechanisms designed for reuse. The product is available in sizes for a full chapel and cover for halls and doorways for all contractor modules on the Norwegian market.